Voting Closed for Cheerfully Funded 2022 back in June. 

The Winner for this years Cheerfully Funded campaign were announced during a live celebration during The Creative Christianity Summit 2022 after 3 weeks of voting. 

Below you can view the winners for each of the bands and the runners up who also received some funding. 

There were three bands:

– Band A covered entries needing over £2000 of funding.

– Band B covered entries needing funding up to £2000

– Band C covered entries needing funding up to £1000

Cheerfully Funded 2022 WINNERS

As voted for by the Cheerfully Given Community

Band C winner:

Hope and Ginger

Band B Winner: 

Frog and Gnome

Band A Winner: 

Ooh I Like That Design/ Lightbulb Books

Band C Winners



– Hope and Ginger run by Cath Sales

About this product: Epistle Whistle is a 2-4 player card game. It is suitable for players aged 6+. It is simple enough for younger children to enjoy, whilst the strategic element will keep adults engaged and enjoying the game just as much.

Each card has a different Bible verses, and these verses, one from each of the 121 chapters of the 21 New Testament epistles ensure that everyone learns a little something too! It really is a game for the whole family.

Epistle Whistle is a fun game for everyone to enjoy. Playing games is a wonderful way to connect with one another and to spend time together and this game includes the added benefit of improving Bible knowledge!

There are very few Christian card games available and so this game is a great addition to this space. We hope you are as excited about it as we are and that you’ll vote for us to have it funded.


Band C Runner up

– Who Do You Say I am? run by Jen Dring 

About the product: “These stained glass kits are designed to create a beautiful, contemporary window display for your home during key seasons of the year.

A fun Advent activity for families to do together, or an eye-catching way to decorate your home with Bible-inspired images, these kits proclaim the truth of Jesus for all to see.

Most outdoor Christmas decorations are centred around Father Christmas rather than Jesus! Let’s change that this year!

The RRP will be approximately £12 for a kit, and if funded, I will aim to launch the range in time for October 2022.“

Band B Winners


Band B Winner

– Frog and Gnome run by Rob and Naomi Ambrose

About the product: We think there is space for a vibrant, hopeful, imaginative picture book about nature that points to the Creator.

Our children’s generation are very switched on to environmental messages, and by connecting these messages with our Creator God, we are excited for the conversations and actions that could be facilitated.

We hope along with the Journal it will encourage a deep connection with nature, care for the environment and understanding of the one who created it all.

The RRP of the journal will be £9.95, and the book will be £11.95. Both will be available as a set for £20. If funded, these products will launch in September 2022. 


Band C Runner up

– Oh Happy Days run by Verity Allen

About the product: These sweatshirts will be unisex, I imagine that they will be most popular with girls but they’re made for everyone (as demonstrated last year, when I forced my husband into a matching homemade Christmas sweatshirt!).

I will be using high-percentage cotton sweatshirts and threads. These we will be popped into 100% sustainable packaging.

I believe the colourful embroidery designs provide a unique and fun touch to clothing that people will enjoy. Not only this but they bring an important message that reminds us of God’s joy and makes for great conversation starters with friends!

The RRP of products would be £35 per sweatshirt, and if funded, I will aim to launch the range in late Autumn 2022 (ready for cosy sweatshirt season!).“

Band A Winners


Band A Winners

– Ooh I Like That/Lightbulb Books run by George Peters and Emma Allen

About the product: This book is aimed at children aged between 3 – 7 years old. 

‘A Seed of Faith’ is going to be a great addition to our first two books and will complete our ‘Faith, Hope and Love’ series, available either individually or as a set of three.

We feel there is a slight gap in the market for children’s christian books that do more than just retell Bible stories.

We want our books to be action packed, adventurous, outside the box and fun to read but also stuffed full of biblical and power truth about who we are, how God made us and the purpose we’ve all been given.

We believe our books will minister not only to children but to adults alike and will represent God to them in a really accessible and creative way.

Emma studied Theology at University so hopes to share biblical truths with kids in a powerful yet graspable way.”

The RRP of products would range from roughly £10-£30, and if funded, I will aim to launch the range in July/August 2022.“


Band B Runner Up

– Mayor Makes run by Naomi Young

About the product: I have always had a passion for working with children, and creating imaginative play experiences – I want the next generation to discover and learn about Jesus in a fun and creative way.

I already make lots of peg dolls and Bible story spoon sets for children to bring the Bible to life, and I wanted to design a fun way for children to play games inspired by the stories of the Bible. 

So far the samples shown in the photos are:

  • Biblical snakes and ladders
  • Peg doll Daniel and the lions noughts and crosses game
  • Adam and Eve dual noughts and crosses and table skittles
  • Bible heroes board game
  • Dice Bible character matching game
  • Noah’s Ark rainbow matching game
  • Journey to Bethlehem, helping Mary and Joseph get to Bethlehem for Jesus to be born


All games will come with dice, or spinners and sometimes character cards – although these aren’t shown in the pictures.

The RRP for these handcrafted wooden games will be £25-£55.“