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Men’s Clothing & Giftware Range by Amber Day Studios

“Be it a light hearted sentiment or a way to take scripture into the everyday, these products are intended as gifts for the Christian men in our lives.

It would be great to buy our brothers, fathers, friends, and church leaders something full of faith but also a little different.

Most men that I know enjoy a laugh and see the funny side of life. I am excited to offer a range of gifts that not only reminds them of truth and scripture but can also make them chuckle a little.”

About the Product Range

We have a lot of wonderful products for women, but I always think that the men’s section has a lot of untapped potential.

To make these products, I will be using a range of equipment including a heat press, Cricut and silk screen.

The Cricut enables me to make my own designs out of heat transfer vinyl, which can then be applied to different products like aprons and flip flops using the heat press.

Similarly, I will use the silk screen as a more traditional printing method to apply my designs to things like umbrellas, t-shirts and bags.

The RRP of products would range from roughly £10-£30, and if funded, I will aim to launch the range in July/August 2022.

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About the Artist

“Hello! My name is Amber, I’m an artist from the South of England.

My family loves to tell stories, and one that inevitably comes up around special meals is when my father-in-law accidentally served his children scrambled eggs with a side helping of washing up liquid bubbles!

Another time, he gave them salt instead of sugar to put on top of their breakfast cereal. Do I check my food before I eat it? Yes. Do I let him make me breakfast? No.

These wonderful family stories inspired some comical apron slogans that, by the grace of God, will make dad’s cooking everywhere, a little more adventurous.

My designs are based on Bible quotes, some including the verses themselves and others are inspired by their words. My hope is that they help you pray, smile and feel a little more of God’s peace in your day.”

Amber - Amber Day Studios