Matthew Mouse Bible Story Booklets by Cindy D Illustrations

I started writing and illustrating Matthew Mouse Bible stories for children halfway through our first lockdown in 2020.

I realised that the young children in our church were not as engaged in the church zoom sessions, and were missing out.

I decided to use my love for telling stories and illustration to research the Bible stories and then write them as letters from the little mouse Matthew. I deliberately chose to keep the language simple to read with no church language as far as possible.

This was to make reading the stories easy for young children, or their parents or guardians.

I would now like to turn each story into a little mini A6 ( 8 page ) booklet, because the feedback I have had in the UK is that children engage more with more illustrations, rather than the text heavy letters. I would like to turn these into booklets and include a link or QR code in the book, where you will be able to hear Matthew Mouse tell the story in the book as a podcast.

About the Product Range

The letter subscription was originally planned for children between 3 and 9.

However, I have an equal subscription group of children, and older ( 50+ women ) who love getting the letters, almost more than the children. I also have a few younger people ( 20-25 ) that are very new Christians, and English is a second language.

They enjoy the stories because they are easy to read and understand, and they don’t have church language that they are not familiar with, not having come from a church background.

I would love Matthew Mouse books to be funded, because I feel that they are spreading and sharing the word of God with children or people in a fun and easy to understand way.

I plan to continue with my plans for Matthew Mouse Bible stories, but with the funding from this competition, these little booklets and the mugs will give me a start.

The RRP of the booklets is currently £2.60, with a 13-month subscription costing £45.

About the Artist

“I am Cindy, the author and illustrator behind the Matthew Mouse Bible stories for children.

Matthew Mouse is a monthly physical subscription letter that is sent via the Royal Mail through your letterbox addressed to your child.

It contains a two page, fully illustrated letter, from Matthew Mouse, who found he could hop through the pages of the Bible.

He writes once a month to tell of all the exciting things he has seen, or the wonderful people he has met in-between the pages of the Bible.

Let Matthew Mouse bring the stories of the Bible to life with his easy to understand English, as he tells of his exciting adventures and the amazing people he meets between the pages of the Bible.