The Jesus Tree Lent Ornaments by Cornerstone Designs

Following on from the ‘Jesse Tree’ Ornaments Set I created in 2018, an Advent tradition which leads though the stories of the Old Testament to Jesus birth, I was inspired to create a similar set of ornaments for Lent.

The ‘Jesus Tree’ will lead though the life of Jesus from his birth (where the Jesse Tree ends) to his death and resurrection as a preparation to Easter celebrations and focus for Lent.

The set will contain 48 ornaments which can be hung on branches and help people to connect with the Bible passages. I have chosen the Gospel of Matthew as the basis for this set.

About the Product

Whilst there is a wealth of resources for Advent and Christmas with traditions like the ‘Jesse Tree’ becoming more known and popular, I feel there is an opportunity to provide more resources that help families and others to focus on Jesus during Lent and Easter.

It is primarily aimed at families but really for anyone who appreciates the artwork as a means of connecting with the Bible passages for each day.

I have started a few mock-ups made from printed acetate paper sandwiched between a cardboard frame. This choice is inspired by stained glass windows and intended to bring colour into the home at a time when there isn’t yet much colour in nature.

A handmade set with 48 ornaments and an accompanying booklet would be between £80 – £100. A downloadable printing version and set for colouring in would be between £5 – £10.

I would aim to be launching the Jesus Tree in January 2023, ready for Lent season.

About the Artist

Cornerstone Designs is run by Katrin from her home in East London. She is passionate about creating beautiful designs that help you to celebrate Jesus in your home.