My God is a Gardener Nature Book by Frog and Gnome

“For more than a decade we’ve wanted to write and illustrate children’s picture books – we love story telling with our 3 little ones and the closeness sharing a book brings, books are a big part of our life!

This particular story is inspired by our children’s love of nature and care for the environment, and some of the conversations we have had (and want to have) with them about our Creator God.

We plan to produce a nature journal to go alongside the story, for children to delve into their own journeys of discovery and relationship with God and His Creation.

About the Idea

We think there is space for a vibrant, hopeful, imaginative picture book about nature that points to the Creator.

Our children’s generation are very switched on to environmental messages, and by connecting these messages with our Creator God, we are excited for the conversations and actions that could be facilitated.

We hope along with the Journal it will encourage a deep connection with nature, care for the environment and understanding of the one who created it all.

The RRP of the journal will be £9.95, and the book will be £11.95. Both will be available as a set for £20. If funded, these products will launch in September 2022. 

About the Artists

Here at Frog and Gnome we design things inspired by the stuff we like and the things we believe.

We enjoy working in a range of mediums and styles, all our work begins as hand drawn sketches and finished digitally as encouraging Christian cards, prints, resources and ceramics.

Our vision and prayer with Frog and Gnome is that our products will spur on believers and encourage and help them as they hold out words of life to their loved ones.