Handcrafted Ceramics by Hope Designed

I lived in Sweden for several years and I was truly inspired by the slower pace of Scandinavian living, which is now something that I have tried to adopt in my own life since moving back to the UK.

The idea of slowing down, and finding God in the day to day small things brings comfort and joy which could so easily be missed.

The heart behind Hope Designed has always been to help people share Jesus in their lives and homes, and so with these new products, I hope to combine these things and create beautiful and thoughtful ceramic pieces that are conversation sparkers that bring a little light into the dark.

About the Product Range

These ceramic pieces are there to help anyone and everyone share Jesus with friends and family.

A little seed planted because you had a coffee with someone or a little bit of Jesus poured out because you shared a meal.

It could be a little light in the darkness because you gifted someone a faith filled mug, or a little encouragement given because you have an Instagram worthy coffee. This is my hope!

Kilns are super pricey, and honestly without this funding I wouldn’t be able to look at purchasing one for myself for a long while – if ever!

I believe these mugs, plates etc could truly be a way of planting seeds in a beautiful and gentle way. And even better, they can be shared with so many people over and over again.

The RRP of products would range from roughly £15-£35, and if funded, I will aim to launch the range in Autumn 2022.

About the Artist

I’m Jess and I’m the face behind the brand as they say. I have been a print designer for the last 10 years, living all over the world working for global fashion companies. When I moved back to the UK I decided to step out in faith and set up my own business creating both Christian and non Christian products with the aim of reaching non-Christians with the love of Jesus and encouraging those already with faith.

Here at Hope Designed my work is often inspired by this beautiful world and by my faith in Jesus. As stewards of Gods creation I try my very best to protect this world and therefore you can guarantee that everything you purchase from me is eco conscious and has been created in the most caring way.

My hope is that my products will be displayed in your homes for years to come and will help you share the love of God with everyone who sees it.”