Linocut Art Print Series by Knotted Handkerchief

I wanted pictures up around my house to help challenge bad habits like grumbling and spending too much time on my phone. This made me think that others might want something similar.

This series is for anyone who wants a visual reminder up around the house or workplace to interrupt sinful thinking and improve godly habits.

My designs are linocut printed, which is a process that involves carving your design onto lino before hand-pressing each layer of colour onto the paper.

It’s a beautiful and hands-on form of print-making, and I would love to get a tabletop press for my studio.”

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About the Artist

“Hello, I’m Meriel – the artist behind Knotted Handkerchief.

I started my little shop because I thought there might be others who struggle like me.

Folk who need something up around the house or at work to challenge and interrupt ungodly habits and thinking.

Something to turn our thoughts back to Jesus.

Like an arty knotted handkerchief!

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