Growing Together Activity Set by MovedByBreath

The idea was largely inspired by Luke 2:52 (AMP) –

“And Jesus kept increasing in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and men”, and the picture of Jesus as a twelve year old who was growing in maturity before God and those around him.

My heart was to create a range of products that helped parents / aunties / uncles and caregivers to break down “maturity” for children from a young age.

The phrase “I am growing in…” is a key part of the collection but was firstly something we repeated with our son from a young age (2 onwards) to show him that he could grow/learn just like Jesus how to become more mature in a Godly way.

The idea is that as children wear a t-shirt with a character on that says “I am Kind, I am Gentle or I am unique” adults have an opportunity to teach and reinforce those characteristics and values in the earlier years of childhood (from 2-12 years old).

About the Product Range

The product range is designed for children aged between 2-12/14 years of age – but also for parents/caregivers to use to help them communicate and reinforce Godly principles and values within their families.

The range includes:

  • Organic Cotton/Fair Trade T-shirts 
  • Colouring/Activity/Workbooks made from 100% Recycled Card/Paper
  • Sticker Sheets made with 100% Recycled Sticker Paper, including compostable sticker backing paper

All of these products are printed in the UK.

These t-shirts and activity books are a gentle, fun way to help parents and families instil Godly values into their children.

As the world around us is growing darker, our children need help to see and understand who God is and who they are becoming in Him – I think these products have the potential to help with that process for children.

The world around us is constantly sending our children messages about who they should be, how they should think, feel, and behave – often through media like clothing, TV, activities, and books.

These items gently give children a Kingdom view of growing up that is a very positive thing!

The RRP of products would range from roughly £3-£15, and if funded, I will aim to launch the range in Autumn 2022.

About the Artist

“Hello! I’m Christy, and I run Moved By Breath! Everything we make begins as a hand drawn design. Made with the desire to encourage & equip families to build faith and joy into their daily life.

Moved By Breath is formed of two main parts;

1. A love of creativity

2. A desire to take the word and the ways of God and make them an accessible part of everyday life.

Creating resources and products based around the word and ways of God is driven by a belief that having these things in our homes and around us helps to remind, encourage and build up our faith in God.

Our hope is that these creations are a source of joy, strength and hope to others as much as they have been to me and my family.Thank you for your support!