Colourful Sweatshirts Embroidered with Joyful Designs by Oh Happy Days

Oh Happy Days is an embroidered reminder that God’s joy is for every season.

It’s taken years for me to learn that this doesn’t mean life is sunshine and rainbows all the time. In fact, it can be hard to digest Paul’s message when he writes ‘Rejoice Always’ – but Jesus made it possible.

What He did for us means there is always at least one reason to rejoice… Oh Happy Days!

Last Summer, I began hand embroidering gifts for friends and family and started to work on some sweatshirts by hand.

I decided to use my hobby and create these colourful sweatshirts as reminders (for others and myself!) of this message. Whether they’re worn on the sunniest days, or get soaked in a storm, they’re created to reflect a glimpse of true joy rooted in His love.

About the Product Range

These sweatshirts will be unisex, I imagine that they will be most popular with girls but they’re made for everyone (as demonstrated last year, when I forced my husband into a matching homemade Christmas sweatshirt!).

I will be using high-percentage cotton sweatshirts and threads. These we will be popped into 100% sustainable packaging.

I believe the colourful embroidery designs provide a unique and fun touch to clothing that people will enjoy. Not only this but they bring an important message that reminds us of God’s joy and makes for great conversation starters with friends!

The RRP of products would be £35 per sweatshirt, and if funded, I will aim to launch the range in late Autumn 2022 (ready for cosy sweatshirt season!).

About the Artist

“Hello! My name is Verity, I’m the designer behind Oh Happy Days.

We believe that a happy day depends on more than circumstances; but that there is a loving God who longs to meet you in your trials and fill you with real joy rooted in His love.

This doesn’t mean that life is sunshine and rainbows all the time, and we wouldn’t want you to fake a smile, but we believe that what Jesus did for us means that there is always at least one reason to rejoice… Oh Happy Days!

This is why we create colourful embroidered sweatshirts that reflect and spread this message of a life-changing God full of joy.