Inscribed Glass Art Series by Orchard Art Glass

We see many occasions in the Bible which refer to works being inscribed.

The ten commandments were inscribed into stone, Job talks about his works being inscribed or carved “forever” and in Isaiah 49, in response to the people believing God has forsaken them he says “See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands”.

There is a powerful and beautiful permanence to the word of God being engraved in something solid, like glass!

I love to display verses in my home and have many beautiful art prints on my walls. My hope is to create a series of glass installations to serve as beautiful, reflective artworks, whilst also containing the truth found in the Bible.

About the Product Range

Imagine a cascade of leaves and across several pieces the words “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens”…

… or a pastel coloured rainbow with the words “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord…”

… or a wave with the words “When you go through deep waters I will be with you” following the curve of the water.

The words are created by imprinting the letters into the back of the glass as it fuses in the kiln so the words appear “carved” into the glass rather than written or painted onto the surface.

These pieces would be mounted on a “stand off” which is a simple bracket designed to hold glass away from a surface, without the need for a frame or back board, allowing the light to capture the whole design.

Each piece will be delivered with installation instructions and videos to make this an affordable piece of art for your home. Although I will release a few, pre-made items, it also makes sense to offer these on a bespoke basis as we all have a different verse or concept that is precious to us. I would love to work with my customers to bring their own vision to life.

I have included some images of past work that captures the various techniques I have talked about here.

These are commission pieces, originally crafted for each customer to mark specific promises of God in key seasons of life.

As such, they have an RRP of £180+ depending on the size and scale of the commission.

About the Artist

Hi, I’m Amy, designer and maker at Orchard Art Glass.

I love to create fun and colourful glass pieces that you can treasure or gift to others. Each piece is designed to serve as a visual reminder and encouragement and the inspiration for much of my work comes from the bible and this wonderful, created world we live in.

In working with glass I see so many parallels with the many places where the bible speaks about refining and becoming more like Jesus. When working with glass it is broken, crushed, ground, shaped and sifted before being fired at temperatures of up to 800 degrees. This forming and refining process creates a beautiful, shiny, smooth and unique piece.

My prayer is that my pieces will go into homes as a gentle and joyful reminder of the hope we have in relationship with a loving God.