“Make Me Salty” Illustrated Apron by Perry-May

I love having things around the house that remind me to stay connected to the Lord throughout the busy day.

Every year I have done a fair trade (usually organic) tea towel in time for Christmas and they have almost always sold out… and almost every year someone says ‘please could you do aprons’… I realised there are NONE on Cheerfully Given so I thought it would be a great idea!

The concept of saltiness is a great biblical one… and of course we want our food to taste good too so it makes for a fun apron.

This fair trade apron would retail for £14.99″

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About the Artist

I am Perry-May and I live in a little cottage in West Sussex with my husband, Mike, our son, a dog and some cheeky chickens. We love seeing people flourish, eating good food with friends and trying to grow stuff. I am passionate about helping people connect with the Lord so everything I sell is intended to grow faith and encourage good and Godly conversations.

I have been doing illustration since I was a small child and have always dreamt of having my own creative business, so in the summer of 2018 we felt it was time to start. God gave me a mandate to ‘Put Truth On Walls’… to take God’s truth and make it accessible through simple words and pictures. As a visual person, I find I engage so much better with bible stories or themes if there are some pictures to inspire my imagination and help me remember.

Over our dining room table we always have at least one of the poster prints hanging and it has been fascinating watching the many children who come through the house engage with the pictures and ask questions about God and faith. The adults seem to relate to them too!

So thank you for purchasing from me and I do hope that whatever you have bought gives you great joy and puts some truth right into the heart of the home

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