Illustrated Devotional Prayer Cards by Rock Paper Swan

I’ve been fascinated by medieval Books of Hours for a while because of the amazing craftmanship and art that went in to every page, but I’m also drawn to the idea of having a rhythm of prayer and worship to the day.

Rather than a devotional book, I wanted to create something small, simple, and beautiful that people could use in a really flexible and personal way to reflect on deep truths about God.

It’s in quite an early concept stage, so I think some of the imagery and wording etc. will change, but hopefully the mockup gives a flavour of it!

About the Product Range

Lots of Christian products focus around the same selection of favourite Bible verses – this one goes off the beaten track!

This luxurious set includes 16 cards, each featuring a verse or thought for prayer and meditation, alongside an illustration and finished with gold foil. 

Designed to bring the mediaeval patterns of prayer and worship to our days, this product is for Christians who are interested in adding more reflection and spiritual connection into their day, in a new (and also very ancient) way.

The RRP of products would range from roughly £16-£20, and if funded, I will aim to launch the range in September 2022.”

About the Artist

Amy creates colourful illustrations from her home in Kent.

Inspired by her favourite colours, the latest things growing in her garden, and anything visual from medieval manuscripts to contemporary illustration, she loves making encouraging products that help people feel more connected.

Rock Paper Swan started out of Amy’s struggle to find the sorts of cards and gifts she wanted to send to people – not just for the big days and birthdays, but the bad days and in-between days too.

In her illustration work she often covers themes of faith and spirituality, community, and grief.