Bible Study Card for Small Groups by RosyStudio

As my small group returned to in-person sessions after meeting online we were looking for a balance between studying the Bible and socialising, so we split our sessions equally to accommodate the two.

This meant we wanted study material to use in the part allocated for our Bible study times that was in depth yet concise.

We wanted something that required little preparation before the session, whilst giving us some structure. 

I began to research for materials that would enable us to study God’s word and prompt discussions as well as help us find everyday applications of the passage in this way. However, I couldn’t find anything that fulfilled this brief. 

I knew what I wanted but found that it didn’t exist – these cards were what I was looking for. The cards contain a Bible passage to reflect on with some questions to help prompt discussions, followed by a short prayer and reflection activity. 

As I have developed this product, I can see so many uses for it outside of a small group setting, it would be great to use in accountability groups, mentoring, 1-1 conversations and even individually.”

About the Product Range

These small group notes give the ability for small groups to have quality Bible studies regardless of time restrictions or lack of planning.

Our lives can be busy and whilst spending time with God should be our priority it’s easy to get up caught up in the busyness of everyday life.

This means finding time to sit down and plan a Bible study can be a challenge. These small group cards help break down that barrier of preparing for small groups as no preparation time is required!

Plus with 4-5 open questions per card, these short studies can be fitted into whatever time you have in your small group session – perfect for sessions where you want to have more time for social or prayer.

The RRP of products would be roughly £20, and if funded, I will aim to launch the range in October/November 2022.

About the Artist

Hey hey! I’m Rosy the artist and designer behind RosyStudio, based in Yorkshire.

I started RosyStudio because I love to design and create. My designs are inspired by my faith, the Bible, travel, and my love of all things colourful. I love artwork 1980/90s and pop art style work which heavily influence my style of work.

You’ll usually find me dungaree clad in my office working on new designs, but if I’m not there you might find me at my sewing machine (probably making more dungarees) or out on my bike dragging myself up some Yorkshire hills.