Those Who Seek Me Jewellery Range by Seek & Find Jewellery

Leaning into God’s love for me, I was inspired by the simple idea that at any given moment, our heavenly father would risk everything just to know me personally. I have always been drawn to the parable of the lost coin, in which God displays his relentless love for us, in his pursuit to find and meet each one of us, right where we are.

Concealed within my ancient coin design is a very powerful symbol, Whether you’re looking to our compass for direction or else recognise the hidden roman numeral for 1000, both symbols are important in equal measure.

The compass reminds us that even when we feel lost we can look to HIM for direction. While this number carries many symbolic meanings in God’s word, I wanted to focus on the particular promise that his favour is upon us for 1000 generations.

About the Range

“There is something in this collection for every jewellery lover. In particular, anyone journeying through life as a christian will understand the power in knowing that God is always right by your side.

I hope this collection will be a daily reminder of this message, or as John Newtown poetically puts it “I once was lost but now am found”.

This collection will be made from 925 sterling silver.

I think this is a great product range for gifting as it carries such an uplifting message. Although I have started to explore the necklace component of this idea I would not be able to progress the full collection without further support and funding.”

About the Artist

“Hello, my name is Sarah, and I’m the founder & jewellery designer behind Seek & Find Jewellery.

At the heart of Seek and Find, we believe jewellery should be both beautiful and meaningful. Every piece has a hidden message, designed to uplift and encourage the wearer but more so, I believe every single word I use is God inspired.

My goal is to create timeless designs that will fill both your life and jewellery box with meaning, so that you can carry HIS words with you daily.