Stained Glass Window Kits for Your Home by Who Do You Say I Am?

I made a stained glass window of the Nativity scene for our porch during Advent one year.

So many people commented on how great it was to have a Bible based Christmas decoration and asked how I made it.

Some people have since made their own, but others don’t have the time or lack confidence to start a piece from scratch.

I thought it would be great to create a stained glass window kit where people can buy a A3 laser cut design on black card.

This would come with tissue paper that you can glue on yourself, choosing which colours to use.

The image would be a new design (probably based on ‘Light of the World’) created in linocut, then professionally laser cut.

About the Product Range

“These stained glass kits are designed to create a beautiful, contemporary window display for your home during key seasons of the year.

A fun Advent activity for families to do together, or an eye-catching way to decorate your home with Bible-inspired images, these kits proclaim the truth of Jesus for all to see.

Most outdoor Christmas decorations are centred around Father Christmas rather than Jesus! Let’s change that this year!

The RRP will be approximately £12 for a kit, and if funded, I will aim to launch the range in time for October 2022.

About the Artist

“Hello! My name is Jen, and I’m the artist behind Who Do You Say I Am?

In 2019 I began a project of artistically exploring the names of God in the Bible.

The project began from a desire to know God in deeper and broader way.

I work predominantly using linocut, carving in relief on a block of linoleum. My prints are translated from original pencil and ink drawings which are inspired by Scripture.

Creating an image in lino means it can be printed onto a variety of different surfaces in any colour. I love both the process and the flexibility of working in this medium.

I hope the images and words I share will help you explore who God is too.”